Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today I'm A Little Crazed!

I'm sure you all have felt like this, overworked, underpaid and often in over my head. After spending multiple hours and days building my new website and this blog I have finally gotten to where I am feeling crazed and need a day off. I thought I'd share these two photos with you as they are great representations of how I am feeling. The first one makes me laugh and I found it on the web, not sure where. I felt like this last week, just without the nose clips!

And this one is of my beloved Maggie who is really a sweet character, full of piss and vinegar and just her own kinda cat. I've been told if I were a cat I'd look just like this and laughingly, it's just how I feel right now. Enjoy!


PlowandPony said...

Funny cat pictures! I can totally relate! Ha!
Love love love your blog! What a great job. I can see now that mine still needs more help.

Linda said...

Love the kitty pictures. Maggie looks like my Ore' and he's the same spit and vinegar.He's always in trouble or causing it,LOL.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are hilarious! Your cat is pretty adorable, too :)