Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Cure Acid Reflux Naturally and Drug-free

The symptoms of acid reflux disease, with its ensuing burning pains, dyspepsia, bloating, coughing, breathing problems and sleeping difficulties have become nearly epidemic in the United States. Between overeating, consuming high fat junk foods and going to chili cook offs on weekends, troublesome heartburn-related problems are stopping people in their tracks, and making many look for relief where ever it can be found.
Drugs and pharmaceuticals are available around every corner and at even the smallest retail outlets. But drugs and antacids are not a cure and can be suppressive, offering only temporary relief. As antacids and proton pump inhibitors wear off, severe rebound of reflux symptoms often occur leading to deeper disease states as time goes on. Fortunately for the majority of sufferers of painful acid indigestion, there are a variety of natural, drug-free treatments and lifestyle changes that bring both temporary and long term relief.

How to Recognize Acid Reflux Disease Symptoms

Hot chili causes acid reflux and

Acid reflux symptoms, more commonly known as heartburn, can occur in anyone at any age, but are more prevalent in the elderly, overweight and people who experience high stress in their jobs or lifestyle. A painful and often dangerous condition if left untreated, severe heartburn can develop into a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

GERD occurs when stomach acids regularly back up into the esophagus, primarily due to a weakened lower esophageal sphincter, causing damage to the lining of the esophagus. As stomach acids continue to erode the delicate esophageal cells, ongoing damage from reflux may lead to cancer and ...

Certain common signs of GERD appear first as warnings and should be heeded. Identify early signs of GERD to prevent serious esophageal damage.

How to Plan an Acid Reflux Diet Menu

 An acid reflux diet has been shown to reduce the burning pain, belching, bloating and chest discomfort typical of heartburn and acid reflux. Some people find relief by using occasional antacids, but long term relief from painful gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is best found by planning a menu and following a GERD diet, including all the foods you can eat safely and healthfully. GERD may develop in people who persist in eating foods that create digestive tract damage eventually contributing to ongoing erosion of the esophagus with the potential of developing Barrett’s esophagus or esophageal cancer. Eliminating those foods that are harmful may help reduce and control acid reflux symptoms.

Design an easy-to-follow acid refluxdiet menu to reduce painful heartburn symptoms FAST!

Creating Prosperity with Successful Money Management

"Practice successful Money Management? ...during these times? Right! And what about if I receive a windfall? How do I practice money management if I have just gotten an inheritance, a bonus or a large tax refund?? I just want to spend it!"

Successful money management in times of lack or when you are flush requires discipline and an unexpected monetary windfall can be a highly dangerous situation. More individuals and companies mismanage their affairs in these circumstances than at any other time. Especially when times are so tight as we have seen lately, it's easier than ever to forget good money management. Here's what you can do to hold on to that influx of money...

Five Tips for Wearing Womens Fragrance During Summer

Wearing womens fragrance has its own set of rules and is and art to do well. So many perfumes are heavy and cloying and when worn in the heat of summer can become even more so, not only for the woman wearing it but for others in the room. Women’s fragrance can be worn year long but there are a few things to remember when doing so in the summertime when body temperatures rise more easily than during cooler months. Follow these five tips for wearing and enjoying womens fragrance during the summer.
TIP! Choose lighter scents of womens fragrance during warm months. Citrus, light florals or fruity scents are not only more desirable scents during hot months, but can also be used as a splash when your really feeling wilted and need a quick pick-me-up from the heat. Lighter, airy scents of women's fragrances are more easily accepted by the public as well.

TIP! Less is better! No matter what scent of women's fragrance you choose, use less than you would ordinarily. The scent will still remain and the heat will add to your body’s ability to radiate the delicious women's fragrance but you won’t have the heaviness of too much perfume that so many find objectionable.

TIP! Apply differently than you would ordinarily. Instead of spraying fragrance directly on your skin, spray straight up into the air and stand beneath the cloud of perfume which will fall lightly in an all-over pattern on your body. Womens fragrance applied in this manner covers a wide portion of your body lightly leaving a lovely aura of scent wherever you go.

TIP! Spray or apply woman’s fragrance lightly to your clothes instead of your body. Fabric holds the scent longer and you can use less. Put a light touch of fragrance in your hair for a nice touch of scent which also will hold the luscious aroma longer than on your skin.

TIP! Place an old fashioned cloth hanky in your purse with a small spray of woman’s fragrance on it to keep your purse or tote bag smelling fresh. If you’re warm and use your hanky to wipe your brow, each time you will have the delightful scent of your favorite perfume to brighten your day and make you feel more feminine.

Do you like wearing perfume duing warm weather?

Pay for Ebay Items Directly from the Paypal Website

Checking out through eBay for purchases won can be time consuming and full of glitches, so going directly to Paypal to complete a sale is an easier and more streamlined method that not only saves time but still affords a buyer the purchase protection that comes with paying for items with Paypal. Although some folks balk at using Paypal as a payment method, it does have its benefits if one knows how to take advantage of the various features that a Paypal account offers, like paying directly for your eBay purchases without having to go to eBay to do so.

Finding a Professional Pest Control Company to Kill Cockroaches


Finding a professional pest control company to kill cockroaches and other unwanted insects can save you time and effort as compared to using do-it-yourself products which are sometimes ineffective and often toxic to humans and pets. Instead of taking the time and wasting money on ‘iffy’ products with unknown efficacy, hire a professional pest control company to do the job thoroughly and keep your home cockroach free over time. Pest exterminators have developed numerous products for a variety of extermination needs so speak in detail to the company you hire about your needs and find out what they suggest for your given problem. Follow these guidelines for finding the best professional pest exterminator for your needs...