Sunday, March 1, 2009

OMG It's SNOWING in Atlanta!

Well I'll be darned! It's March 1st and it's been in the 60's here all week but go figure! It's snowing here now! Comin' down like cats and dogs ...or should I say like groundhogs! We thought Puxatony Phil had lost his marbles this year when he saw his shadow predicting that we'd have another 6 weeks of winter, but sure as shootin' he's one smart ground HOG! Come to think of it I do remember the winter blizzard of 1993 which happened here in late March. Oh that was a great story that perhaps I'll revisit one day and put on the blog for y'all to have a good laugh over.

We're not going out in this yukky wet mess a combination of snow, sleet and rain, a.k.a. snaining and I'm busy getting ready to list a few more fabulous goodies today. Here's a quick peak at what's coming! But you can always find our items in either of our shops ... on our website Posh Adornment or in our Posh Adornment store on Etsy.

Think wedding, brides, and gorgeous vintage style when you think about these pieces...or just think about wearing them everyday. Can't miss jewelry! Enjoy!

RARE Antique Edwardian Clear Faceted Rock Crystal Vintage Necklace

Feminine Edwardian Amethyst Glass Festoon Swag Necklace

Stunning Amethyst Glass Gold Filled Vintage Drop Earrings

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