Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beating Recession Depression Symptoms Mends Mental Health

The tsunami of fear washing over Americans compounds exponentially leaving many struggling with recession depression symptoms robbing people of joy and adding to continuing anxiety over burgeoning financial issues. If grappling with life’s ills has made it impossible to see the sunny side, and knowing others are fighting the same battle is not always enough to resolve recession depression symptoms, it’s time to take purposeful command over sadness and anxiety. Crisis centers, help lines and therapists say the explosion of depression has begun to overwhelm the American spirit, but there are always solutions available to reconnect with peace of mind.

So much of life and individual success depends on one’s mental state. Thoughts are things and the fuel with which we create. Making conscious choices to monitor thoughts and choose positive ways of phrasing ideas distracts the mind from being overwhelmed. Mental health experts advise envisioning what you want not what you don’t want. When concentrating on misery, wallowing becomes a self perpetuating habit.

Take baby steps and make a decision to change. Suffering from recession depression symptoms along with hopelessness can be engulfing. Choosing a different mindset about worries is a powerful mood enhancer urging the mind to be in command rather than at the effect of depression. Remember gratitude for small accomplishments. Sometimes we all need a swift kick to recall what matters and how to get back to it.

Even with money unbearably tight, banish depression symptoms by spending a little on something frivolous. During World War II soldiers bought their loved ones chocolate, cigarettes and silk stockings. Treats were hard to come by and although small gestures, helped to uplift spirits and bring hope. Always remember that joy happens suddenly in unexpected crystallized moments of hope!

Sanbu-ichi Yusui Spring water crystal. Image courtesy of Masaru Emoto

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