Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Cure Acid Reflux Naturally and Drug-free

The symptoms of acid reflux disease, with its ensuing burning pains, dyspepsia, bloating, coughing, breathing problems and sleeping difficulties have become nearly epidemic in the United States. Between overeating, consuming high fat junk foods and going to chili cook offs on weekends, troublesome heartburn-related problems are stopping people in their tracks, and making many look for relief where ever it can be found.
Drugs and pharmaceuticals are available around every corner and at even the smallest retail outlets. But drugs and antacids are not a cure and can be suppressive, offering only temporary relief. As antacids and proton pump inhibitors wear off, severe rebound of reflux symptoms often occur leading to deeper disease states as time goes on. Fortunately for the majority of sufferers of painful acid indigestion, there are a variety of natural, drug-free treatments and lifestyle changes that bring both temporary and long term relief.

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