Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bells Are Ringing...Is There a Wedding in Your Life This Year?

Are there wedding bells ringing for you or someone you know this year? Are you ready to tie the knot, get hitched, bite the dust and exclaim undying love and devotion forever for your sweetheart? If so, have you found that all important dress, chosen your flowers and caterer, decided upon a location and most important of all...decided on what jewelry you will wear? Are you in a quandry, not quite sure how your dream will unfold? If you haven't made all your plans yet and imminent panic has struck, have no fear! We at Posh Adornment have a great direction to point you toward! How about going VINTAGE or ANTIQUE?!

Not only will you be able to reuse and recycle freeing your conscience and saving your bank account, but best of all, you'll be able to take advantage of the most gorgeous dresses and jewelry available and much that is no longer made or made with the kind of quality and detail that they used in the 'good old days'. Now, I'm not suggesting a vintage or antique dress to help save the silk worms or reusing your aunt Josie's polyester flowers! But there are tons of ways to romanticize your wedding, save a little money if that's your thing...or not, get exactly the perfect dress that will make you feel like a princess and that perfect necklace to make you feel like a queen. Have a look at some of the fabulous antique and vintage dresses and jewelry I have featured here for some new ideas to add to your wedding brew! And while you're looking, remember the mother of the bride, the groom and of course your brides maid's gifts!

When I got married sometime just after the dinosaurs roamed I wore a beautiful antique Civil War wedding dress which I would love to show you but unfortunately our house was victim to a flood a few years ago and we lost many of our valuables and photos :-( so I can't show you my dress...but it looked something like this antebellum styled Oleg Cassini silk beauty featured on Etsy by Eclecticas. Wow, this one would even have fit me then! It was very romantic and my hair was swept up in a curly, whispy do! And best of all, I wore this fabulous sterling silver Art Deco marcasite necklace with matching earrings from Germany, studded with a fabulous genuine amethyst and I was fit to be a queen. The necklace was one of many pieces of amazing jewelry my husband (now my ex, but who knew then?) gave to me. At least he had great taste! (You gotta look on the bright side.)

What about one of these incredible dresses below for your special day? There's genuine antique and antique / vintage style. Etsy has a wealth of goodies and I didn't have to look very far to find these. I'm sure if you search the internet there are more, so have fun with it.

An elegant Vintage Wedding Dress featured by Little Town on Etsy.

Pair the stunning dress above with our fabulous antique, LOOOONG Edwardian Rock Crystal necklace and wrap it three times for a knockout look!

Do you prefer a simpler, more sedate or mo-dern look? This unusual Edwardian Great Gatsby antique linen dress offered by Neatcurios is stunning and a marvelous twist on the more decorative wedding dress, offering a lovely pallete for any jewelry you might want to add.

How about pairing that amazing Gatsby dress with this feminine Art Nouveau Pink Sapphire Glass Czech necklace?

Or... for a more contemporary look, visualize the Gatsby dress with this eye popping necklace of Large Natural Amethyst Royal Purple and Gold Beads? Just be careful when your eyes pop to keep track of where they might roll! :-)

Are you a die hard romantic whose gotta have lace, fantasy and the top dog most feminine antique dress around? If so look at these two amazing antiques. First, is the most divine and quintesential Victorian silk wedding dress replete with hand made lace and the perfect look! Offererd by fadedrosevintage.

Accessorize this outstanding dress with an outstanding piece of Victorian jewelry, our Victorian Porcelain Protrait Cameo Necklace a 2die4, great find from the mid 1800s.

And look at this remarkable, romantic Edwardian Gauze wedding dress offered by myfavoritevintage. Totally hand made and so cool for a hot summer wedding!

Wear that summery gauze dress with our stunning Edwardian Rock Crystal Necklace long and languid or doubled or try it with a deep heart throb red Antique Art Deco Natural Faceted Cherry Amber Necklace for a marvelous, different look!

And last but not least, for those of you wanting something intensely romantic and very different, here's a beautiful vintage Gone With The Wind inspired dress from ForeverClassique. Pair this with our Art Deco Topaz Vauxhall Glass Festoon Necklace for a smashing summer wedding look that will make all your friends envious!

For some it's about the dress and for others it's the flowers or the location. For us, it's all about the jewelry of course. Remember the mother of the bride, the groom who needs a wedding band and studs, your bride's maids gifts and have a look at what we have to offer in vintage and antique jewelry at our Posh Adornment! website or at our Etsy Posh Adornment store.

For more great wedding day ideas for Etsians and non-Etsians alike, check out the Indie Wedding Guide where you'll find a complete directory of vintage wedding suppliers, contests, and lots of relevant and helpful information for your big day!
I hope this has been an enlightening and helpful article as well as enjoyable. It's always fun to look at gorgeous dresses and jewelry! Congratulations if it's your big day coming up. We'd love to see what you choose to wear, so send your photos to poshadornment@yahoo.com and I'll post them on our blog!
And REMEMBER! This gorgeous jewelry is not just for weddings. You can wear it every day! :-)


The Empty Envelope said...

I would love to renew my vows someday with a vintage wedding. These are all gorgeous photos!

The Empty Envelope said...

I would someday love to renew my vows with a vintage themed ceremony. Lovely photos!

Karen said...

What perfect dress and jewelry combinations...if only I had been into vintage when I was married!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful things.
You've created a terrific blog - welcome to blogland! Thanks for finding my site and leaving comment!