Friday, March 6, 2009

Eye Popping 840 pound Emerald Has Its Day In Court!

Get a load of this! An 840 lb Bahia emerald cluster originally mined in Brazil is sitting at the Los Angeles court house waiting to be claimed and for its 'real' owner to be decided! Appraised at just below $400 million, this baby is one prize I wouldn't mind having in my curio cabinet. They say the the actual pieces of gem emerald are the size of arms! Wow, I bet Angelina Jolie who recently wowed us at the Oscars with her 2die4 emerald earrings that appear to weigh close to 500 pounds each would ante up to be the new owner of this heavyweight! And she's probably one of the few who could afford it too!

I have been a rock hound all my life, well maybe not ALL my life, but since I was about 11 years old, and love the idea of going out looking and digging for beautiful gems and crystals. That's actually how I got my first real love for gems and then when I realized you could add precious metals to that I discovered jewelry. But it's the gems that have their magnetic pull on me.

Look at the mind blowing specimens on Elegant Crystals to see some unbelievable works of art made by Mother Earth herself...without any help and not even one single sculpture course taken! If you are taken with any of these and decide you want to buy one, tell the owner, Crystal Bill that Susan from Posh Adornment sent you. I know him well and I bet he'll give you a special price! Here's a few of his goodies for your daily dose of pleasures!

Crystal Bill's 1200 pound Amethyst Royale Geode measures 6'7" high and 26" wide and as you can see a live person fits comfortably inside! Found also at Elegant Crystals.And here is what the raw material morphs into when it's in jewelry. A fabulous natural amethyst necklace consisting of large round beads and gold spacers. Heavy and sensuous and found here on Posh Adornment.

And for those that like a chaser of royal purple gem quality amethyst mixed with their solid 14K gold, check out this large, amethyst heavy four leaf clover set in solid gold also on Posh Adornment.

A perfect cluster of pure silica quartz also known as rock crystal weighs 422 pounds and measures 15" tall by 32" wide. Now THAT'S a coffee table sculpture for those with a devilish taste for the sublime!

And speaking of morphing, this is what can happen when a good stone cutter gets ahold of rock crystal! This amazing, loooong antique Edwardian faceted rock crystal necklace wraps around the neck up to three times and is a show stopper any way you wear it. A rare find and also at Posh Adornment.

What do you think of this humongous Russian Giant crystal point from the Ural Mountains? Also weighing in at 400 pounds and 36" tall. Doggie not included in the purchase price but it's a new twist on cheesecake ads where the girl lays across the car. Instead, cute puppy hugs large obelisk!

And not to be left out and given equal time, the kitty cat cheescake photos too! This Angel of Light gives new meaning to Crystal Balls weighing in at 288 pounds and 19.5 inches across. Incredible, no? Wow! All found on Elegant and sold by Crystal Bill.


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boylerpf said...

Oh that is definitely a WOW! How do I get to claim that emerald? I'm certain I am the rightful owner..LOL!