Friday, March 13, 2009

New House for $1! Imagine That!

What a deal! Imagine buying a house for $1! A Long Island couple did it but there was just a little the article here. It pays to have money, good luck and good connections. And what an awesome house this is!

The remarkable house was designed by famed architect Robert Venturi and his wife Denise Scott Brown. I love architecture and living in Atlanta I get lots of opportunites to view amazing buildings built by some of the best architects in the world. Atlanta is known for its forward thinking designers and unique buildings. And although I best love my antique kingdom, modern has a place too and I adore the sleek clean lines and quirky creativity of these homes.

Here's a little more about Robert Venturi. Discover something new every day!

Read about the Vanna Venturi house here!



drollgirl said...

that is just BONKERS!

It's Just Me said...

crazy is as crazy does!