Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Twist On The Wearin' O' The Green!

I was thinking about St. Patrick's day coming up and how festive a holiday it is. Such a fun time when I was younger and could still hold my liquor! And how everyone wears green and become Irish by osmosis for the day. Of course it's so much easier to become Irish when you're rubbin' shoulders with folks and your blood is thinner from the green beer.

These days, with 'green' being the new catch phrase for all things recycled, reborn, reinvented and reclaimed, I couldn't help thinking about a new twist on the wearin' O' the green! Nowadays we can wear 'green', wear GREEN and be green all at the same time! And if you're anything like me, having one drink does the trick when it comes to being green... :-) So, start celebrating early and scroll down for our new 'green' ideas.

Once upon a time, these beautiful earrings were antique clothing buttons or antique cuff links just sitting in a drawer discarded for lack of use. Since we at Posh Adornment hate to see things go to waste, especially beautiful things that no longer have use in today's fast paced, electronic world, we were inspired to convert them into wonderful, wearable earrings that can be displayed to their fullest glory once again. How unique and absolutely one of a kind! We have been going 'green' with these beautiful old buttons and cufflinks and recycling them for some time, giving them a new lease on life and selling them at our mall space. Now we've decided to make them available in our online stores. Our expert jeweler removes the original backing and attaches wires of sterling silver, 14K gold or gold fill. We have made the wires nice an long which balances the weight of the earrings and helps them hang just right on the ear. They look absolutely fabulous!

This week we're rolling out our first offers on these beauties and wanted to share them with you. You like? Let us know please, please. You can find these earrings for sale on our website Posh Adornment or in our Posh Adornment store on Etsy.

And if you're a little more traditional and like to WEAR the color green for St. Patrick's Day we've paired some of our gorgeous green jewels with a few other Etsy seller's and their gorgeous green frocks for a bright, cheerful look for spring that can't go wrong. Read on!
The Queen of Spring Party Dress
from violetfolklore on Etsy

Natural Emerald Marcasite Sterling Cocktail Cluster Ring
70s green mini dress
from dustyrosevintage on Etsy

Art Nouveau Green Slag Glass Filigree Drop Earrings
60s Tropical Print Sundress
from brycehill122 on Etsy

Art Deco Green Chrysoprase Glass Necklace Czech
Bright Green Sailboat Sundress
from alleycatsvintage on Etsy
I hope you like some of our ideas for going green this St. Patrick's Day and everyday this spring! Enjoy the day and stay safe.

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Susan said...

I LOVE the green...and being half Irish...even more so...the jewelry is wonderful...and I have to thank you for adding to my egg information...will have to keep that on file for next year! We need to get a blog roll going on Vintage Village...