Saturday, July 11, 2009

High Desert Rose, Criss Cross Promotions Shop of the Day!

Criss Cross Promotions is a group of like-minded individuals with online shops who have joined together to help one another promote our stores in a friendly and supportive manner. Our mission at Criss Cross Promotions is to offer group exposure to the featured shop of the day and to notify our customers about the wonderful merchandise available to them in a variety of venues through the co-op process.

By utilizing this cooperative form of promotions, member stores are able to reduce advertising costs, and offer our customers more reasonable pricing on our merchandise. I hope you enjoy these little birds eye view vingnettes into the various members' stores.

Today's featured shop is High Desert Rose on Etsy. Karen has a large, eclectic colleciton of vintage goods that will make your mouth water and your eyes roll with glee. Looking through her shop was like walking down memory lane and I loved almost everything I saw.

This gorgeous lipstick caddy is part of a fabulous dresser set. It reminds me of when I was a little girl, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching my mother at her dressing table with a similar dresser set putting on her makeup and primping in the mirror.

Karen also has lots of marvelous vintage jewelry in her shop. This loooong, bodacious Goldeette Milk Glass chain necklace is stylish today with our current fashions and quite the statement piece. Wear it with anything...wear it with everything and turn heads wherever you go!

And take a look at this fabulous She Dragon white and gold figurine. I used to collect dragons when I was younger and seeing this took me back once again to some of the happiest days of my youth, reminding me that fantasy is still alive and well even in challenging times.

Karen not only has an interesting shop full of a wide range of lovely items, but she's also a great writer. Have a read at her blog where she talks about everything under the sun and writes with great expression and interest.

She can also be found on twitter here and on facebook at High Desert Rose


High Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and teamwork today! Very much appreciated and so well done!

High Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, team spirit and for promoting my shop.

Kelly said...

The dragon has so much detail. I reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons.

AntiqueAli said...

I loved your article. I'm a member of CrissCross Promotions as well. HighDesertRose on Etsy is a delightful shop and well worth the visit.

Anonymous said...

High Desert Rose is a super place to look for awesome vintage home decor, collectibles and, of course, jewels!

Anonymous said...

High Desert Rose is a shop full of wonderful, unique vintage items - but I am drawn to the jewels!