Friday, July 17, 2009

Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment Discovered …the Elixir of Life!

Is it a cream? Is it a mud bath? Is it dermabraision or collagen, Botox or milk baths? Anti-aging enthusiasts have searched for the fountain of youth since the beginning of time never seeing the answer to their eternal quest right in front of their noses. Enthusiasts of eternal youth and anti-aging have know about the elixir of eternal youth forever and yes, the secret is crystal clear, thirst quenching water that keeps wrinkles at bay, waistlines whittled, backsides taut and spines straight and limber.

Water, the great rejuvenator for anti-aging, plumps cells, hydrates spinal for flexible movement, keeps brains bright and alert and smoothes the skin of wrinkles and worry lines. No more crepe-like dry skin on arms, less uric acid deposits in the joints causing painful gouty arthritis. Cellulite disappears from lumpy thighs, nails grow strong and hair glistens with health.

It’s not a myth. Human bodies are predominantly water. Being thirsty is evidence of being dehydrated. As cells shrink from dehydration, free radicals form racing around the body wrecking havoc, making organs and systems more vulnerable to disease and injury. Toxins form and are transmitted throughout the blood to organs, joints, skin and brain where they are left as deposits causing disharmony and disease all which contribute to aging.

Drink some water every day. As a matter of fact, drink a lot of water, at least ½ ounce for every pound of body weight. Drinking healthy clean water is the insider’s secret to anti-aging. Adding fresh lemon juice or a splash of fruit juice boosts flavor and adds variety. Brew light herbal green teas with fresh water for relaxation and their anti-cancer properties. Drink water between meals so as not to dilute the fire of digestive juices. Enjoy sparkling waters instead of alcohol after work and always have a bottle of water tucked in the car, at the office and when exercise demands the most from an overheated body.

Water is life’s little elixir, providing anti-aging benefits for the body and mind, revitalizing slumped energy and sagging spirits. It adds years to our lives and is readily available almost everywhere.

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drollgirl said...

i am guzzling water right now! love it! and i love many other beverages, too! :)

hope you are having a great weekend, and i am going to take a look at your jewelry!