Saturday, July 4, 2009

How to Do Small Business Advertising on Facebook

If you’re new to Facebook, using it for small business advertising promotions can be confusing until you’ve figured out how and where to input relevant information and upload photos to show off your products. All Facebook accounts require that you set up a personal page first which you can incorporate into your business advertising if you choose. Some people prefer to keep their personal pages private for the use of friends and family only, so setting up a fan page for your small business advertising is necessary. Follow these easy steps to promote your products and services on Facebook.

  1. Sign up for a Facebook account or if you already have one open your account which will display your personal page. If you’re incorporating your personal page into your small business advertising promotions you can use the directions below to post an ad for your product.

  2. To set up a fan page for your small business advertising, locate the small tool bar at the bottom left corner of the personal page. You’ll see a blue capital letter “F” and the word “applications”. Next to that on the right there is a little button that with a lower case “f” over a green box. Hold your mouse over the icon and see a black message that says “ads and pages”. Click on that. On the right side of that page you will see “recent page activity” and a link to your fan page. Click on the name and you’ve created a fan page. Very easy.

  3. Post promotional messages and ads for small business advertising on either or both pages in the text box at the top. For instance, you can tell people about your website and products here and direct them to any part of it by including a link to the main website or to a particular page.

  4. Add the url from your website or product page under the promotional message you wrote in the text box. Once you enter the url the text box will expand to include a live feed of the link and you will see the name of your store or product and a short description. To the left of the store name and description you will see a place to add a picture. Scroll through the pictures provided using the arrows until you find one that effectively promotes your business advertising message and choose it to accompany your text.

  5. Click the blue “share” button to the right of the text box and you’re done! Once you get the hang of it, doing your small business advertising promotions on Facebook is a very effective and inexpensive way to get the word out about your products and services.

  • Decide ahead of time if you want to use your personal page for your small business advertising. Facebook provides a privacy setting which when activated limits who can and can’t see your personal page. If you set up a Facebook account for the sole purpose of using it for business advertising, then consider turning off the privacy setting and using both pages for promotions or cross promotions with other sellers who may have a common product line or interest.

  • Facebook can become addictive. After you have figured out how to use it, stay disciplined or you’ll find you can’t pull yourself away. No kidding here!

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