Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Maintain Privacy and Security on Halloween
For those who prefer not to participate in Halloween festivities, achieving privacy and security during the boisterous holiday has become somewhat of an obsession. Because Halloween is so widely celebrated across the country, the many who choose to “opt out” of those celebrations are left having to often create elaborate schemes to avoid being bothered which can sometimes affect the privacy and security of family members and pets. If you’d like to be left alone on Halloween to enjoy your privacy and security, read below for some ideas that will help with safety issues and bring you peace of mind.

1. Do not leave your home unattended during Halloween especially if you have a house in a neighborhood that is highly populated with revelers or lots of teenagers. To maintain privacy and security, have a friend or family member spend time at your house with you that evening. Single women, do not stay home alone on Halloween.
Pull all drapes and blinds earlier in the day to prevent people outside from seeing in to the house. Although you want to leave someone in the house for safety, the impression to give is that no one is home so you won’t be bothered, protecting your privacy.

2. Keep all lights off outside the house when darkness falls to assure privacy and security during busiest hours later that evening. Often people who go door to door look for houses that are well lit as a signal that there is someone home. Do keep lights on in the back of the house but you may want to turn them off in the front room near the door to give the impression no one is home.

3. Park the car in the garage or at a friend’s house so passersby don’t get the idea that someone is home. You will not have to worry about having your car vandalized if there are people going around the neighborhood throwing eggs or committing other harassing actions.

4. Watch a movie or play music softly to muffle outside noise but keep the volume low so anyone that comes to the door will not realize someone is home. Maintaining privacy and security can be accomplished with a little creativity.

5. If possible, spend the evening in the back part of the house off the road and away from the door so you can continue to do whatever activities you enjoy without being disturbed by Halloween revelers.

6. Do not put anything outside the door that might indicate you are available to answer the door on Halloween night. This includes pumpkins or other “autumnal” displays. Save them for after Halloween.

7.Keep all pets inside even if they are indoor-outdoor pets, especially cats. Cats are notoriously targeted during Halloween for a script of horrors perpetrated on them. So keep them in and keep them safe.

8. If you experience any kind of disturbance that might indicate your house or property is being vandalized or at attempted break-in, call police immediately. Don’t try to handle things yourself.

9. Resist the urge to get upset or aggravated if someone does ring the doorbell. Sit quietly and continue what you are doing and wait for the caller to leave. Oftentimes, if you’re in a busy neighborhood the word will be passed around that no one is home at your house and you’ll be passed over by partiers and able to assure yourself of privacy and security throughout the night.

Turn on a porch light and place a bowl half filled with candy outside the front door with a sign telling kids to take one and leave some for the next person. This will satisfy visitors as well as keep them from disturbing you assuring continued privacy and security. Sometimes older kids get annoyed when they can’t have their way and this method keeps them mollified and goes a long way toward preventing vandalism to your property. Refill the bowl periodically.

Not everyone enjoys celebrating Halloween. How do you like to spend your time on Halloween if you are not going to particpiate in the festivities?

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